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"To be relevant, you have to be an outsider.” - Joan Rivers
 Read our interview with the late queen of comedy from our forthcoming October issue. 
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  3. Frank Ocean - Nostalgia Ultra (Official Mixtape)

  4. Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey [Music Video]

  5. #BeyTheLight

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  6. We are only poetry
    and unrealistic expectations;
    drugs and songs with
    exaggerated affectations.
    We are impermanent, and
    generally unacknowledged
    like hearts -
    beating, beating, beating.
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    Naomi photographed by Mert and Marcus, Interview Magazine September 2014

    ok but this is wild

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~ Andrea Gibson


    ~ Andrea Gibson

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  9. One day we’ll both
    forget the storms we danced through.
    You’ll find a nice girl
    to fall into peace with
    and you’ll forget about the days
    we lost our minds together.
    I’ll be across the world
    and still know the exact moment
    it happens.
    I’ll pretend that I don’t
    and I’ll forget you
    the way I forget every dream
    I’m not brave enough for.
    I’ll meet someone who reminds
    me of the years I gave my best
    to a boy who held me like he meant it.
    And I want you to know that it
    could have been you.
    That it almost was you,
    but we didn’t know how to be good for each other
    and how to stay that way.
    In another world, it is you,
    and we’re better for it.
    I hope you know that I wanted that.
    That a part of me always will.
    Y.Z, sinking ships and ghost town islands (via rustyvoices)
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  10. I am a feminist. I’ve been female for a long time now. I’d be stupid not to be on my own side.
    Maya Angelou
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